Totally Android (UK)

Inspired Inventive Innovation for Android OS

Welcome to Totally Android (UK) with our mission to push the boundaries of the Android Operating System based on the simple premise of providing  reliable smart technology (SmartTech) at a cost effective price.

From efficient streaming media services through SmartTech media devices and our ongoing TAPIA (Totally Android Personal Integration Assistant) technology. Totally Android works towards maintaining and engaging with strategic partners to provide Future Technology today.

Totally Android (UK), specifically provides product information and support for the United Kingdom from our current distribution centre based in East Croydon.

We are also setting up a network of distributors accross the UK with the aim being to have a distribution centre in each major city. Thus enabling us to provide a more efficient and professional service for our customers.

In advance may we say thankyou and welcome to Totally Android with our aim to bring to you, our customers, the future of technology through the Android Operating System platform

Kind Regards

SmartTech & TAPIA Technology